Order management system

  • Through our contact with laboratories and maintenance workshops, we have noticed that they suffer from extreme difficulty in tracking the necessary periodic maintenance and maintenance of the machinery and equipment present in the laboratory due to their large number and diversity and their differences in the periodic maintenance required for them and the dates for their implementation, and given the extreme importance of this issue and the seriousness of what may result in malfunctions and excessive wear and tear on the machinery. Which reflects large financial losses resulting from the stopping of machines from working, in addition to additional repair costs and a short lifespan of the machines.


  •      Complete archiving of a card for the mechanism and its parts, and its periodic and emergency maintenance, taking into account the company’s malfunction, the malfunction of the mechanism, and the tools used for each maintenance, reports on the performed and unexecuted maintenance, future maintenance, and the necessary chart for these maintenance.


  •      Automatic coding of the material according to the type of machine, machine part, supplier of the material and its location in the warehouse, with the possibility of manual coding.


  •      Complete control of the maintenance warehouse, the maintenance relationship with materials, the warehouse balance, and reports on the future maintenance required for a specific mechanism and the materials needed for this maintenance.


  •      Necessary reports for future materials required.


  •      Controlling the employees who performed maintenance, from which group and for which shift they belonged, the date of maintenance, the grade this worker earned, and the necessary reports for that.


  •      Analysis of plant and machine malfunctions and their impact on periodic maintenance reports and materials needed for maintenance.


  •      Network-ready.


  •      The program is equipped with a system of permissions according to each user.

Developed by hadarasoft team