With the accelerating advancement of information technology HadaraSoft was in a race with time to apply make the best of these advancements. 

HadaraSoft has always been a leader in research and development always according to the latest technologies in developing easy to use, comprehensive and flexible financial solutions for the market. 

That is why the company developed latest edition. is the result of the company’s extensive effort since its inception to date.

 It is a comprehensive financial package offering information technology solutions for all business sectors. on youtube

Al-Mizan features:
1- General accounting system 

2- Warehouse management system 

3- Point of sale system 

4- Fixed asset management system 

5- Manufacturing management system

Why Al-Mizan?
Because it is developed based on the latest programming techniques (Microsoft .NET Framework) which puts the user at the top of technology progress.

 You will be using a technologically advanced system which gives your system operational stability and dependability. 

And because is developed based on Microsoft SQL Server data base system, rest assured that it will accommodate any data base no matter what the size of that data base is.

 It will also accommodate an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

 And this is not all, because has been developed according to the highest accounting international standards while keeping in mind the needs of the local and domestic markets, we have placed the latest international standards and technologies at your fingertips. 

This gives you an edge over the competition. technical advantages:
It has been developed using (Microsoft .NET Framework) which is considered the latest and most advanced programming technologies in the world. 

This give the program stability and high dependability. 

The program uses (Microsoft SQL Server) database which is considered one of the most powerful relational database systems in the world and the most advanced insofar as its ability to handle a huge amount of data while simultaneously serving an unlimited number of users.
The system supports all windows operating systems (Win 9X ,Windows XP, Windows Vista) in addition to the following user systems (Windows NT, Windows 2000 server ,Windows Server Dot net).
The system operates with high efficiency on all local area networks LAN or wide area networks. It also is unique in its ability to operate on DSL or ADSL networks. It can even operate using a regular modem which accomplishes company branch connection, even for geographically-distant branches and transforms them into one and united information mass.
Al-Mizan reports are interactive and flexible so that a user can perform a search for any value within a report or reach the asset for any visible transaction from within the report at the right-click of a mouse. This gives the investor great flexibility and ease while checking or tracking the reports.
The ability to export reports to Excel or to a web page (HTML) or even sending it directly by fax or by e-mail internally from within the report. The system is unique in its support for all WINDOWS features including cut and paste, copy and drag and drop.
The system is also unique in that it has printing forms design feature which is flexible and has a wide range of options. This option allows the user to design any printable form and store these forms or relate it to store operations. 

These forms can also be modified and saved at will.
Al-Mizan software includes printing feature for bar code stickers. This allows automatic design and printing of bar code stickers from within the program. provides and advanced accessibility that allows user identification and user group identification. 

It also allows password definition for every user and user groups in addition to defining program accessibility and user-specific privileges for data access and data modification.
Automatic and periodic data backup is an additional feature in This improves data security. 

The program supports periodic and continuous inventory taking. is truly bilingual supporting both Arabic and English. 

The program also supports simultaneous multi-currency operations.

 Al-Mizan is unique in that it has an automatic data check which mitigates data entry errors. 

The program can handle multi-company and multi-annual operations.

Developed by hadarasoft team