Order Flow System

High flexibility in the ordering system so that it covers all types of external order systems, including purchase and sales order systems, and internal as well, such as internal order systems between the company's branches and warehouses.

The possibility of defining an unlimited number of order systems in proportion to the company's order systems

Each order system can be built in an unlimited number of stages, any of which can represent an "order confirmation" phase, or a "delivery" of these materials, i.e. order closure.

The possibility of defining an external orders system such as a system of sales or purchases orders within branches of the company or a warehouse from its warehouses, and this external system branches an internal order system to meet the need of this branch or warehouse of the materials necessary for it to deal with external orders received from external customers

The possibility of determining the status of the order, whether it is closed, i.e. all its materials have been delivered or not, i.e. some of the materials that have been ordered are still not delivered
The existence of a very convenient automatic mechanism for the user to propose materials in the order window, so that the materials are automatically proposed in the delivery invoice, based on the materials requested by the customer, taking into account that the customer's request has been made at more than one stage, or that there are previous delivery invoices in which the customer delivered part of his order previously, so the material proposal is a continuation of the previous deliveries that were made on this order

The existence of a window for processing orders through which we can view registered orders, with the possibility of conducting a liquidation process on these orders under several conditions, including: the date of the order, the date of closing the order, the order code, the customer's account ... etc

The possibility of requesting this report directly from the order window, so the inventory of orders for this order is displayed only

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