POS management system

  • The ability to define several points of sale and control their options.


  •      The design of the point of sale window allows for the use of touch screens.


  •      Defining several types of payment methods and in several currencies, specifying the accounts to which they will be transferred, with the possibility of setting a commission percentage on some types of payment methods, which allows the possibility of paying in several currencies at the same time (Saudi riyals, dollars,...) and in several ways (cash, card). credit).


  •      The possibility of preventing the final deletion of an item after registering it at the point of sale, but it remains stored and is marked with a special color to indicate that it has been deleted.


  •      Possibility of returning an item in the same sale if company policy allows it.


  •      The possibility of connecting the metal drawer so that it opens automatically.


  •      The ability to control the shape of the resulting receipt with great flexibility, through the presence of a typographic designer integrated with the program that allows designing almost any shape with very great possibilities.


  •      The ability to define groups of buttons and arrange them into several groups. These buttons allow quick access to sales-intensive materials so that they are visible on the screen.


  •      The presence of a window for processing point-of-sale sessions, allowing the possibility of reviewing and monitoring sessions under various conditions.


  •      A report that allows reviewing receipts issued by the point of sale and under various conditions.


  •      The ability to add buttons to change the item’s information after inserting it in the point of sale window, such as controlling the item’s quantity, price, unit, and serial number, discounting it, and deleting it.


  •      Complete linking of the previous buttons with the permissions system, allowing the system administrator to determine the buttons available to each user, and thus determine the operations that each user can perform.


  •      The possibility of changing the customer’s account during the sales process, which enables the user to transfer point of sale receipts on a deferred basis, so the point of sale is not limited to transferring cash sales.


  •      Automatic determination of the amount that must be returned to the customer, if the payment is greater than the value of the invoice, taking into account multiple currencies or methods of payment (part in cash in more than one currency, and part with an electronic payment card) or return.


  •      The ability to add notes to the materials in their card, so they appear as buttons in the point of sale window that can be inserted and printed on the point of sale receipt for each item.


  •      The possibility of making two types of discount: a discount on a specific item of materials or a general discount on the entire invoice, with the possibility of specifying the discount either by value or by percentage.


  •      The presence of a distinct window for closing the point of sale enables us to close the amounts resulting from all payment methods in an automated and automatic manner on the one hand, and it has a high degree of flexibility that enables us to deal with cases of shortages and increases, with the flexibility to specify the accounts to which they are transferred to and from.

Developed by hadarasoft team